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New Roku TV 40" remote has no place to plug in ear things so no one else can hear tv. What do I do.

AND If I get the soundbar wireless sound bar for Roku TV can it be like 15 ft away from the TV and at my bed? Thank you. JPatriot

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Re: New Roku TV 40" remote has no place to plug in ear things so no one else can hear tv. What

@JPatriot  Roku does not make TVs. Your TV was manufactured by companies like TCL, Hisense or ONN. Most come with a simple IR remote. My TCL Roku TV came with a simple remote. You said bedroom. Are you sure you want a big soundbar in the bedroom? Are you looking for private listening with headphones or earbuds? If that’s what you are looking for then you download the Roku Remote Control app to your phone. Then use any Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. And yes the soundbar can be 15’ away. But if you really want speakers then get the Roku Wireless speakers 

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Re: New Roku TV 40" remote has no place to plug in ear things so no one else can hear tv. What

Yes, the soundbar would work further away from the TV. But that's going to make the sound "odd", being away from the visual. But don't forget that the soundbar is also a Roku player, so you're paying for a player when the TV is already one. Kind of defeats the purpose of the Roku TV. The wireless speakers that are available are designed for surround sound, so you'll only get the rear channel sounds out of them. The TV still provides the front sound.

You have a couple of choices. First, you could use the Roku app on a phone or tablet and listen using the "Private Listening" mode. Just be aware that it will not provide audio for anything that is connected to an HDMI port on the TV, so using a cable box or some other external device won't send the audio to the app.

The other choice is to get a Roku WiFi Direct remote. Almost all Roku TVs support them, but you can check for sure by looking in the Settings/Remote menu. If there's an option to add another remote, you can add the Voice Remote or Voice Remote Pro (the latter having rechargeable batteries). Both offer a headphone jack on the remote for private listening. Remember to always unplug the headphones when not in use, as it drains the remote batteries quickly using that function. Headphones left plugged in will completely drain a set of AA batteries in a few days.


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