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My remote's green light is on and won't pair to the TV

I have a roku streaming stick and it stopped working. I followed the instructions to repair (batteries out, unplugged from wall 10 seconds, batteries in once see roku screen, press reset button and hold. Now the light is just staying on and still hasn’t paired. Have tried this process many times with same result.

How do I reconnect my roku remote with the device? Thank you!

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Re: Solid green light on remote

Don't know if this will help, but ...

The one time I had this happen, just leaving the batteries in and unplugging the Roku from power for ten seconds then plugging back in was all it took to kick start it into starting the pairing process.

Be sure you and your remote are near by the Roku -- across the room may not do it.

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Re: Solid green light on remote

I have a solid green light on my Roku Ultra with Enhanced Remote.  Has anyone found a way to reset this remote and get it to pair again?  This started after replacing the batteries.

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Re: Solid green light on remote


Thanks for the post and reaching out and providing me with your information.

I have passed along your information to our Support team. They will follow up and assist you.



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Re: Solid green light on remote

These remotes from the last 2 years really are garbage. Second remote I've had since buying my Roku TV in 2020 where changing the batteries out and putting new ones in results in a solid green light with no way to pair. Roku's response is usually send it back or get a new one (when out of warranty). Looking at this problem's history it goes back to at least 2015. 

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Re: Solid green light on remote

You are a genius! I followed your instructions and my remote is paired. I am the happiest woman right now, thank you so much for posting

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