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Multiple Clicks for One Action

My original remote wore out (I guess) after a few years. The buttons got squishy and I had to press them multiple times for most actions. So I ordered a replacement. I STILL have to click multiple times - as many as 7 sometimes! Up, down, forward and backward are the worst, then the "back out" arrow at the top. "Home" works fine. "Enter" always works to skip ads on YouTube (where I spend 95% of my time), but often has to have multiple clicks to select something. I have bought 3 replacements - one direct from Roku. That one (a) has no on/off button, and (b) doesn't work at all. The other two replacements have on/off buttons that only turn off - "on" doesn't work. And both of those replacements take multiple clicks for most actions.

So say I want to save a video to a playlist. I hold the Enter button down for a count of 3. About 25% of the time, the video starts to play anyway. If them menu does come up, it takes several extra clicks first to select "Save to Playlist," then the same to go down to the correct playlist. Usually the Enter button puts a check in the box on the first try. But then to get out of the menu, ye gods! Seven clicks on the back arrow to get to the first of the two menus, and then 7 more to get completely out.

So is this a problem with the TV, since more than one remote has the same problem? The button pressure needed really has change, and on two of them (the original and first replacement), I can now feel the hard end of the clicker that is under the visible pad, which wasn't true when they were new. I am SO SICK of clicking over and over just to watch something on YouTube, and would really be joyful to get a solution.

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Re: Multiple Clicks for One Action

Does it happen in other apps?  (I’ve never seen that problem but haven’t been in youtube in years.) 

Are these IR or RF (Wi-Fi) remotes?  IR remotes have to be pointed towards the IR receiver, and have to have direct line-of-site to work well.  (I’ve seen people have troubles with IR remotes when there were things like plants on a coffee table in front of them, or I’ve seen them do this because they were pushing the entire remote down into the sofa cushion.)

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Re: Multiple Clicks for One Action

hey, I was FINALLY able to get through with an actual person via customer support, as I was having the exact same issue. He told me to go into home, settings, system, and then you’re going to click system reset. This should fix your button issues. Hope this helped you out

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Re: Multiple Clicks for One Action

From the settings, you can disable the pop-up ads on you site to avoid interruption. This will reduce the click depth and will be a good step for UX on your web.

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