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How to switch to new 4K remote

----purchased a new TV set and set up using old roku remote.  How can I switch to a new 4K remote and get it to work.  I've finally figured it out to the point of entering new(same as old) email address.  At this point, new batts are installed, no response from remote i.e no indicatore lights, maybe thats normal, no pairinig indications.  Where do I entire my "new email address" , not a clue, it is not mentioned in any instructions that I can find

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Re: How to switch to new 4K remote


Have you tried using the Roku Support page regarding setting up your remote?  Not sure where you are getting your instructions, so try this link (scroll down a bit on page to "pair your Roku Voice Remote later" since you already set up the RokuTV or Roku device with your old remote.)


Basically you should just be able to go to Settings/Remotes & Devices/Setup a new device/Remotes and follow the on-screen instructions.


Feel free to post back if still having issues and either post screenshots or a little more detail what you are seeing if still having a problem.  Include what kind of Roku device or RokuTV you are using as well. (Settings/System/About will provide this info).

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