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How to manage TCL Roku TV w Roku soundbar? ...

So last spring I bought a big TCL Roku TV. We love it, has the usual Roku remote. A few weeks later there was a sale on the Roku soundbar (Roku advertised it as being an official accessory), so I grabbed that. It does sound a bit better to me, especially speech.

I had assumed it would just connect to the TV and add additional speakers. But it's more than that. It's actually an entire Roku device. To make it work, the instructions said to connect it, and then your TV uses the Roku hardware embedded in the soundbar itself, and you're also supposed to use the new Roku remote that comes with the soundbar.

This is all fine except that when I hit the power button on the new remote it will power down the soundbar but not the TV, which I kind of annoying. Not the end of the world as I think these things use a ton less energy than old CRT TVs, but it still kinda bothers me.

I suppose I could juggle the two almost identical remotes, but I'd really rather not do that.

Any ideas here, what am I doing wrong? Anyone else have both of these devices together? Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to manage TCL Roku TV w Roku soundbar? ...

Solved it, I wasn't using the ARC port.