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How to fix broken headphone jack that is stuck

My headphone jack is broke and is permanently stuck on thinking I have headphones plugged in I have no idea on how to bypass this I went and bought a new Vizio sound bar and subwoofer and it's still not allowing any sound and says that I have headphones plugged in how do I fix this problem?

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Re: How to fix broken headphone jack that is stuck

If you know your way around electronics you take it apart and try to fix it.  Otherwise, get a new remote.  If it's still under warranty...

Step-by-step instructions for returns and warranty replacements | Official Roku Support

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Re: How to fix broken headphone jack that is stuck

saw a youtube video the guy basically shorted the audio jack pins.(i have the same problem except if i dared to shake tv again  can hear the audio jack rattle around lol). if at the point of having to sodder_short pins may as well get a new audio jack and solder 3 more and have a functional jack. itll only take a coupkle minutes....when i can rememevber lol


i find it odd this isnt able to be bypassed at a software level as it seens common

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