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Hexadecimal coeds for Roku Express 4K+

I am using a Phillips Pronto universal learning remote control to control my home theater. It's old, but really nice.

Programming the Pronto usually requires learning IR codes from another IR remote. Since the Roku comes with an RF remote, this is not possible. But as the Roku understands IR codes, it should be possible to control it via the Pronto.

What I would need for it is the hexadecimal codes for the Roku box. The Pronto software allows you to specify these codes for a device. Does anyone know how I could obtain them?

Also, is there any way to actually contact the Roku tech team with questions like this one? Searching around the website, I find no such option. Seems a bit unusual.


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Re: Hexadecimal coeds for Roku Express 4K+

If you unplug the power to Roku, the remote will switch to IR commands for Roku. So, you can then use it to teach the Pronto, then plug the power back in and Roku remote is Wifi again. And will still accept the commands taught to the pronto. You can test this by pointing remote at the cellphone camera, with power no flashes, unplugged from power it now flashes for each press of a button.

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Re: Hexadecimal coeds for Roku Express 4K+

Oh wow, that's incredible! I had no idea. Yes, that should solve the problem! Thank you.

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