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Help with my remote question

I have the new streaming stick. I have a new Sharp Roku TV.

The remote for the Roku stick won't change TV channels. The remote for the TV doesn't do anything with the streaming stick.

Is there a way to use just 1 remote? (I also have a currently unused voice remote from a Roku 3 somewhere).

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Re: Help with my remote question


A couple of things to note.

1. If you have a RokuTV, you do not need the Streaming Stick.  The RokuTV comes integrated with the RokuOS.  (Nothing wrong with using the Streaming Stick on the RokuTV, just don't need it unless you are trying to improve the performance of the RokuTV).

2. The RokuTV comes equipped with a simple IR (line of sight) remote.  These simple remotes cannot be used with Streaming Sticks as they require a RF/wifi remote, not IR.

3. Your Streaming Stick came with a RF Voice Remote.  You can either pair this remote directly to the RokuTV or continue to use it with the Streaming Stick and then setup TV controls for use with the RokuTV. (power on/off, volume, mute).  

  • To pair the Voice Remote with the RokuTV, remove the Streaming Stick from the TV and press the pairing button located in the battery compartment until the green light begins to flash.  If the remote does not have a pairing button, press and hold the Home and Back buttons until you see the light flash on upper left of remote.  (refer to the Pairing remote support article here for instructions on pairing!)
  • If you want to leave the Streaming Stick in the RokuTV and just setup the TV controls of the RokuTV, then from within the Streaming Stick Settings, go to Settings/Remotes&Devices and keep pressing the right arrow button or OK until you see "Setup Remote for TV Control".  Then press OK and select your Sharp RokuTV as the manufacturer and proceed through the on-screen steps. (support article here for more info

You will still need to use the RokuTV remote to access the OTA/antenna and Settings menus of the RokuTV if you go with the 2nd method above. (leaving Streaming Stick attached).


The best way to use just one remote is to remove the Streaming Stick from the RokuTV and just pair a Voice Remote directly to the RokuTV.

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