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Free HDMI Adapter for my stick

You have all the information on my Roku sticks but when I go to ask for the free adapter for all three of my units you tell me my serial number is wrong or I have already ordered them well I need to know why I am not able to get theses adapters.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Free HDMI Adapter for my stick

Hi @Boy2748,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

What was the error message when you attempted to claim for HDMI Extender?
There are a couple of things you can try to resolve this issue:
Clearing your cookies or cache or reloading the web browser or using a different browser to access the free HDMI Extender portal. Do you have a computer you can access the website with?

Note: To claim the free HDMI, please ensure that your Roku device is a Roku Streaming Stick. In addition, the HDMI claim portal only accepts the serial number, not the device ID. Please use the serial number in your Roku device by going to Settings > System > About. Make sure to use the number "zero" instead of the letter "O" when inputting your serial number into the form.

You may also refer to this link: How to find the serial number or device ID for your Roku® device | Official Roku Support

If you are still unable to claim the free HDMI, please let us know along with any additional information you may have that would be helpful for our team looks into this problem. Please provide the serial number of your Roku device.

Keep us posted and we'll continue assisting from there if needed.

Best regards,

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Re: Free HDMI Adapter for my stick

(once again I'm replying to a 6-month-old post, but it's worth saying...)

What I have found is the HDMI extenders are very unreliable. The best thing to do is buy an (female to female) HDMI coupler and plug your Roku into one side and an HDMI cable in the other. The whole reason I got on this forum was trying to send a message to Roku directly that they should throw in an HDMI coupler with all the Sticks. (Later today I'm going to give one of the extra couplers that I've purchased to a friend who bought a new 4k Stick ... and can't plug it into her TV.)

Although you do need your own cable, I've found HDMI couplers to be a 100% reliable solution.

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