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Find my remote feature beeping won't stop

I contacted customer support regarding issue with my roku remote. It kept on beeping constantly. The find my remote feature was going off continuously. The only way to stop it was to either press and hold the black button under the battery cover for few seconds and then get the remote re-paired with the device. This gave relief for maybe 10 to 15 minutes and the beeping would start again. The only way to completely stop it was to remove the batteries from the remote and then unplug the device, since otherwise the device would switch on even though it was switched off and the beeping would restart. I contacted customer care twice in the same day and we exhaustively tried all the possible troubleshooting options. The funniest ting was at the end of the second chat with customer representative, the support person finally advised to just chuck the device since it had hardware issues and then buy another device. It was funny since I have had so many customer support conversations for various products in the past but was never asked to just throw away the device since it had hardware troubles. 

--------------------------------------- The last few lines of the conversation I had is shared below ----------

(02:05:47) Balaji Kuganesan
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(02:06:07) Balaji Kuganesan
I don’t see lost remote finder option under system settings
(02:07:44) CNX/IN-Manoj kumar
1. Press Home  on your Roku remote
2. Scroll and select Settings
3. Select Remotes & devices
4. Select Remotes and then select your voice remote
5. Select  remote finder sound
(02:08:50) Balaji Kuganesan
Yes.. I see it.. but it has three sounds to pick.. there is no disable option
(02:11:25) CNX/IN-Manoj kumar
Ok, then this might be the ultra hardware issue, I request to change the device, we have done all possible troubleshooting from our end. I wish I could help you better
(02:12:56) Balaji Kuganesan
So you are suggesting to buy some other device
(02:15:00) CNX/IN-Manoj kumar
you can buy newly upgraded ultra from our or there are various audio devices available on the website with surround sound and equipped with modern speaker systems
(02:17:51) Balaji Kuganesan
So you are suggesting that the current device is no good and I just have replace it.. you think I would go for such a device again.. I have had so many customer support conversations for various products.. Not one time I was advised to just throw away the device because the issue wasn’t resolved.. Wow this is a first..
(02:18:43) Balaji Kuganesan
I need to save this conversation
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