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Reel Rookie

Do You Use the Mute Button?

I'm forever and always accidentally pressing the mute button.

How about you?

Some background on me: I'm right-handed, lazy, love TV, receive or make phone calls, do laundry, vacuume so I have a need to adjust the Roku volume.

In the example image below of a steering wheel from a race car where eyes must stay on the road and in the mirrors, you will note that you do not have to reach over anything to get to anything so no accidental eject or emergency brake or MUTE button presses.

Maybe everyone else keeps their milk (volume button) in the back of the fridge and don't mind reaching over or around or moving the juice and tea (mute button) each time to get to the milk.  I suspect that an accident will occur every once in a while where the tea or juice gets spilled (mute button presses) while reaching for the milk (volume).

No need to move the milk to the front to avoid spills and gain easy access we'll just keep doing it the old-fashioned way of reaching around everything and cleaning up the accidental spill because that's not frustrating at all.

Ergonomic functionErgonomic function

If the mute buttons location does not bother most, they will be glad to know that next year cars are going to start coming out with the brake pedal in front of the gas pedal.  😉

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Roku Guru

Re: Move Mute Button?

BOY is that ever a WEIRD question.

I press it occasionally now and then but its just as easy to unmute.

I have bigger issues with my cell phone Im always pressing things

inadvertently drives me nuts.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
Community Streaming Expert

Re: Move Mute Button?

I had a lot of trouble when I got my first Roku remote with a mute button, but not much lately.  I guess I must be trainable.

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Re: Do You Use the Mute Button?

I agree with you 100%. I find it extremely annoying to have the mute button on the side of the remote. I am ALWAYS hitting the mute button when picking up the remote or handing it to another family member. As with most everything, I feel that the remote was not designed by a user of the remote. 

Reel Rookie

Re: Move / Remove Mute Button?

The mute button placement makes our previous 11 years of Roku of hands on training with the remotes null and void.  I'm trainable but lazy and therefore like efficiency, reduced effort, reduction of errors.

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