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Compatibility Across Remotes ~ Pairing and Unpairing w/o Pair Button

As a Christmas gift, I purchased a Roku Sound bar that included a remote with both POWER and VOLUME controls but NO voice control or PAIRING button. I recently purchased 2 Roku Express 4K+ devices that include a remote with POWER, VOLUME, VOICE controls, and a PAIRING button. I also have an older Roku 3930X device that included a remote with NO POWER or VOLUME controls or PAIRING button. Here is my question ~ are the remotes interchangeable across these three models? I would like to be able to use one of the remotes that includes at a minimum the POWER and VOLUME controls with the Roku 3930X device. If yes, please direct me to instructions on how to do this. I unsuccessfully tried to "re-pair" the remote from the Sound Bar with the 3930X and vice versa. I looked at a number of videos regarding the "un-pairing" and "re-pairing" processes that did not work. Most of the videos seem to refer to the PAIRING button that neither my Sound Bar or 393X0 remotes have.

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Re: Compatibility Across Remotes ~ Pairing and Unpairing w/o Pair Button


Roku had an item called Soundbar, one called Streambar, and one called Streambar Pro. The Streambar Pro may have been a renaming of the Soundbar. Which is yours? Does it have built-in Roku functionality? What is the model number?  Settings > System > About

About the remotes...

The Roku Simple Remote is an infrared (IR) remote. Point and press. It uses IR light and must have clear line of sight to the device. It controls a Roku device only, not a TV or other external device. There's no pairing button because it's a simple remote; it doesn't pair to anything. The Simple Remote comes with some budget Roku models, but will control any Roku device that is not a stick nor a Roku TV. The model 3930 came with a Simple Remote.

The Roku Voice remote (and Voice Remote Pro) have power and volume buttons to control a TV. It has a pairing button which allows it to pair with the Roku (not the TV). Depending on compatibility, the Roku may be able to control power and volume on the TV, or you may need to configure (not pair) the remote to the TV via the Roku menu system. The Voice Remotes will pair to and control any current Roku device.

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Re: Compatibility Across Remotes ~ Pairing and Unpairing w/o Pair Button

The Walmart sold Onn Roku soundbar came with an IR remote. This would control 3930 Roku without needing to do anything. The power, and volume keys on the Onn remote control all brands of tv that have cec feature. Since the commands on those keys are Roku cec commands. 

So to your question all non-tv Roku IR remotes control all Roku's that accept IR commands. Roku wifi voice remotes can be paired to ALL Roku released in last 4 years, even your Onn Roku Soundbar even through it came with an IR remote. 

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