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Reel Rookie

Combination RF/Infrared remote?

Is there a combination RF/Infrared remote, so I can control both my Roku Streaming Stick and LG TV?


Of note, when I'm on a non-Roku input on my TV and press Home on my Roku remote, it will switch to the Roku input, so there's something happening there.

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Re: Combination RF/Infrared remote?

Yes, Wifi Roku remotes control the Roku by Wifi, but are than programmed to control tv's by IR. When press the home button it's switching the tv input by hdmi-cec. The only tv the Roku control via Wifi are Roku tv's. There is secret menu that we are not allowed to post that let you control all tv commands, power, volume, and mute by cec. In that case it would be Wifi from the remote to Roku, and then Roku sends cec signals over the hdmi cable. So, no IR for non-Roku tv's in that case. But in majority of the cases, it always controls the tv by IR. 

If LG codes don't work, try Vizio. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Combination RF/Infrared remote?

Thanks for you reply. 


I'm using the remote that was supplied with my 4K streaming stick. It doesn't appear programmable--although it did identify I have an LG TV. So after that identification, it will turn my TV on/off, control volume and mute and return from other LG inputs to the input for Roku. 


I'm just wondering if there is a third-party remote that will control both the Roku and other TV functions such as switching to other inputs.


Seems like there should be something out there that would do this.

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Re: Combination RF/Infrared remote?

I'm looking for the same thing. The supplied remote works for the basic volume, power and mute but there are a few other options I like to use on my tv that it doesn't do.

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Re: Combination RF/Infrared remote?

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