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CEC AVR receiver volume/power control issues

I had previously attempted to get help with this issue but I realize now that I misstated the problem so here goes…

I have an LG OLED65B8PUA tv, Denon AVR5400BT receiver and Roku Ultra.  The HDMI out from the receiver goes to a TV HDMI in just for the video.  The ROKU plugs directly into the receiver, not the tv.
I had been using the Roku remote which turned on/off the tv and receiver and controlled volume with no issues.  After an update to the Roku a few months ago, the volume stopped working.  I misstated that this was a ARC issue but after doing more research, realized it is an CEC issue. 
I just tried a factory reset to the Roku and TV, unplugged everything and set up each component one by one.  I got everything to work with the Roku remote just as it had before when but I turn everything off and then back on, the problem comes back.  This definitely has to be a settings issue with the Roku.  Yes, CEC is turned on for all devices.  I tried the IR menu from the secret Roku menu but am I sure of the exact steps to take there. 
I feel like I’m so close to getting this to work now that over ruled out settings on the tv/receiver, cables, etc.
Any help is highly appreciated!
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