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CEC AVR receiver volume/power control issues

I had previously attempted to get help with this issue but I realize now that I misstated the problem so here goes…

I have an LG OLED65B8PUA tv, Denon AVR5400BT receiver and Roku Ultra.  The HDMI out from the receiver goes to a TV HDMI in just for the video.  The ROKU plugs directly into the receiver, not the tv.
I had been using the Roku remote which turned on/off the tv and receiver and controlled volume with no issues.  After an update to the Roku a few months ago, the volume stopped working.  I misstated that this was a ARC issue but after doing more research, realized it is an CEC issue. 
I just tried a factory reset to the Roku and TV, unplugged everything and set up each component one by one.  I got everything to work with the Roku remote just as it had before when but I turn everything off and then back on, the problem comes back.  This definitely has to be a settings issue with the Roku.  Yes, CEC is turned on for all devices.  I tried the IR menu from the secret Roku menu but am I sure of the exact steps to take there. 
I feel like I’m so close to getting this to work now that over ruled out settings on the tv/receiver, cables, etc.
Any help is highly appreciated!
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Re: CEC AVR receiver volume/power control issues

Did you ever get this resolved? Experiencing the exact same issue!

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Re: CEC AVR receiver volume/power control issues

Hi @murrayi2

Thanks for your first post in the Roku Community. 

We're more than happy to look into the issue are experiencing but we need more details. Could you please specify the issue you are seeing? What are the steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing? What troubleshooting steps have you already taken to try to resolve the issue?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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