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Reel Rookie

Brand new RCA1R voice remote does not wake up or work as RF remote...

I just bought an RCA1R (listed as RC833 on secret menu) voice remote direct from Roku (verified as compatible with my 4630X) to replace the original remote with troublesome buttons. I successfully paired it to the Roku unit and everything was fine, at first. A little time passed (minutes) and I tried to use the remote and it would not work in any of the RF functions, all the IR TV controls were fine (Volume and power) but none of the Roku controls were responding. I then tried re-pairing again and I performed an OTA firmware update (RTN.4186) from the secret menu, deleted my old remote, restarted both the remote and the 4630X multiple times. I then realized that the remote would only work when pointed directly at the 4630X (ie. only in IR mode), but if I repaired it would work until it went to sleep (when observed on the secret menu) and would never wake up. As reference, my original remote would wake up with the slightest touch, such as picking up the remote.

Do I need to send this RCA1R back as defective? I would assume it has some type of motion sensor like the old one did, or at least it SHOULD wake up when clicking any of the buttons of the remote. Either way, I did not buy this remote to only work as a "simple" remote.

I have sent a very detailed inquiry to the email support team and received some short response about how "simple" remotes work. I have responded to that email and cross posted here since my hopes are not high to get a quick concise response from them after the first "solution" provided.

Batteries are still original Roku branded ones and are showing 80+%

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Re: Brand new RCA1R voice remote does not wake up or work as RF remote...


Thanks for the post.

If you are already in contact with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Brand new RCA1R voice remote does not wake up or work as RF remote...

Thanks @RokuDanny-R ,

They are going to send out a replacement per our last email. Fingers crossed it fixes the problem!

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