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All Remotes stopped working

All three of my Roku remotes stop working for no reason. However, it seems to be when watching antenna tv mostly. I have found a temp solution to get the remote to start working again. Here’s what I do. On my remotes the star still works when the rest of the buttons don’t. Push the star button. On the new window scroll down to the “manage channels” and click OK. Go to “edit channel lineup” and click OK. Use the down arrow to go down one channel, wait till the channel changes, and then use the up arrow to return to the original channel. Push the star again and the remote will be working as normal, till the next time it doesn’t. I’ve gotten very fast at this as my remotes quit 3 or more times a day. 

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Re: All Remotes stopped working

Hi @Daleed2

Welcome to the Roku Community.

We totally understand about your concern that your remotes are stop working. Let's work on it, have you tried to replace the batteries on your remote?
We do have also our support article on how to set up your remote: How to set up your Roku voice remote

Keep us posted so we can further investigate and better assist you.

Best Regards,


Roku Community Moderator
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