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30 second skip feature needed

I've been a Tivo user for years and now my cable company in its infinite wisdom (following the FCC which no longer mandated support for cable cards) has stopped supporting cable cards hence Tivo. Their meager attempt at a DVR is awful so I switched over to using a Roku for all my streaming and also to watch the shows recorded to the cloud from the cable company. Tivo as you probably know has a 30 second skip forward feature which is extremely handy when watching broadcast TV. You need to support that feature too. I realize you don't have the physical buttons on your physical remote because like Apple you have chosen to go with the minimalist approach but it would certainly be possible to implement a 30 second skip feature in your app. Please consider doing this - it will make your product so much more useful. Thanks.

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Re: 30 second skip feature needed


The apps can implement a 30-second skip feature with the existing buttons. Even if Roku added a button for that purpose, all apps would need to be rewritten to support it.

And, in case you weren't aware, Roku doesn't build the apps. Comcast builds the Comcast app. Spectrum builds the Spectrum app. Google builds the YouTube TV app. And so on.

Speaking of which, YouTube TV has a 15-second skip feature built in to its recordings, not the 30-second you want. So set incremental skipping is possible today. If an app doesn't support that, then it's the app maker choosing to not support it.

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Re: 30 second skip feature needed

Cable cards are still supported.

 I currently have one in use my hdhomerun prime.  It maybe your Tivois no longer supported and not cable cards.  TiVo has clearly lost interest in the retail DVR business. It hasn’t released a new DVR product since 2019.  More recently, TiVo has focused on its  streaming device.  Source I am a service technician for 18 years, all views are mine own and not the company.  

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