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Disable audio buttons on side of remote

I have a Streaming Stick+ remote.  It has two audio buttons on the right side.  One is a toggle to raise or lower the volume, and the other is a mute button.  I use external speakers with a receiver.  Those buttons cannot control the receiver.  I hold the remote in my right hand, and it is very difficult not to press the side audio buttons without meaning to.  Each time I do it, I get an error message from my Sony TV because it thinks I'm trying to control the Sony's internal speakers.  I am sick of seeing the error message.  Is there a way to disable the buttons?  Thanks.

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Re: Disable audio buttons on side of remote

No, there isn't feature to disable the keys once programmed in, and if there was one it would disable the tv power button too since they are linked. 

You can go into the settings to program the tv:


settings> remote & devices> remote> remote in use> program tv>


Now go through the steps and instead of stopping when the volume mutes, only stop when it doesn't mute, then click yes and it should no longer control the tv, volume, mute or power. 

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Re: Disable audio buttons on side of remote

The answer should say, YES, there is a way to make it so that accidentally pressing the volume buttons does not result in a popup warning on your TV.  The solution is given. Thank you! The solution is to improperly “program” the TV remote pairing feature which effectively disables the buttons as they no longer send any valid signals for your TV to respond to.  That disables them.

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