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Re: Screen mirroring not working

"atc98092" wrote:
Screen mirroring from a Windows computer is usually more of a Windows issue rather than a Roku problem. Windows has very specific hardware requirements for it to work. I have found the screen mirroring works fine from Android devices, and it's almost impossible from Apple devices. There's just no "standard" for mirroring, so everyone does it differently. If I want my PC to display on the screen, I just connect it via HDMI or VGA connections. Mirroring is just too much of a pain. 

Except that Miracast is a standard, built on standards, and not a new one:

"Miracast is a standard for wireless connections from devices (such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to displays (such as TVs, monitors or projectors), introduced in 2012 by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It can roughly be described as "HDMI over Wi-Fi", replacing the cable from the device to the display.

The Wi-Fi Alliance maintains a list of certified devices, which numbered over 6,700 as of 9 March 2017"

The fact is, two major device OS makers either never opted in (Apple), or later opted out in favor of their own proprietary protocol(s) (Google) - and both are members of the WiFi Alliance.

The standard exists, but so do non-compliance agendas.
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Re: Screen mirroring not working

Yes, Miracast is a standard, but what I'm saying is that not everyone supports Miracast. It's not a matter of compliance, it's a decision that someone somewhere has made that they would use a different method. This is one area that it would be nice to have a single standard that everyone complies with. But we're dealing with people, and some people are just going to do something the way they decide, regardless how it works for others. 
You can look no further than the CEC protocol. So many manufacturers "tweak" their products so they work perfectly between their own products but don't always play well with others. I've been fortunate that CEC seems to work well with my Samsung, Yamaha, Nvidia Shield and Roku devices, but my Panasonic TV demands a certain power up sequence or the TV remote volume buttons won't control my Yamaha AVR. 
Roku Stick (3600), Ultra (4640), Premiere (3920), Insignia 720p Roku TV, Sharp 4K Roku TV, Nvidia Shield, Windows 10 Pro x64 running Serviio and Plex on a wired Gigabit network.
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Re: Screen mirroring not working

Screen mirroring was fine until the spring windows 1903 update. I had to reinstall new drivers which is normal. Before the update mirroring worked great. Now almost everytime I want to mirror my laptop to my roku i think its #2 not sure. When it does find my roku it works fine. Then when I shut down my computer and log back on its gone. No mirroring. I have to search for roku again. This is getting to be a real pain in the butt! does anyone have any answers as to why the Roku disappears afer I shut my computer down for the night then Roku is not showing and I have to go through the whole process to discover Roku again. Any help would be great.
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Re: Screen mirroring not working

Hello, I wish to warn anyone else thinking of buying a Roku Insignia Television to not do it!!! I've contacted Best Buy and Roku.  Only to confirm it doesn't work and they don't care.   I have an older model Insignia that mirrored for one year and updated to never mirror again.  I had to add a Chromecast stick to my Roku TV!!

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Re: Screen mirroring not working

I think a non-smart TV per se with lotsa ports (as needed) is the wiser choice.

As far as mirroring,

If you have a spare HDMI port on your TV then you can get a Graphics card with one as well.

I dont use Windows except virtually and even then not much.

But I think you should be looking at a hardware solution.

Thats what Ive been using hdmi to hdmi flawless

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