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55” Class – Select Series – 4K LED HDR Smart Roku TV - Making Continuous High Pitched Noise

Helllo Roku Community and Support Team,

I have a 55” Class – Select Series – 4K LED HDR Smart Roku TV - Making Continuous High Pitched Noise.  I purchased this TV from Costco online on March 2024.

  • It started happening just a few days ago and is making it every time the TV is turned on all the Channels, and Apps like YouTube/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc.

  • There are no error messages or error codes on the screen while playing any content.

  • When I go to ( Settings > System > About) the Software Version it's running is 12.5.5 build 4174-ET.

  • I've tried to turn off and unplug the power cable from the surge protector to try directly to the electrical outlet.

  • I've tried to unplug the TV power cable while it's off and waited several hours over the night, but it happens every time the TV is on within a few seconds or one minute into turning on the device.  Happens every one minute.

  • If I go to do a system restart by going to (Settings > System > Power > System restart) which I've done twice and waited for it to be turned on it does it again.

  • On the back of the TV it says Roku Select Series LCD TV, Model: 55R4A5R, MFG Date: 10/2023.

  • I also made sure the software is updated.

  • Nothing else is plugged to the TV except the power cable plugged into the electrical outlet, and the ethernet cable plugged from the TV to the router. 

  • There are no external speakers or USB or HDMI cables plugged into it at the moment.

  • I can leave the TV off for several hours or a whole day if you want so it cools down, but it should work because we only have the TV on 2-4 hours a day typically.

Please let me know if there are other troubleshooting steps you'd like me to further do or if this is a hardware problem or software.  I don't think this item is sold anywhere in Costco anymore for an even exchange.  

Thank you.



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Re: 55” Class – Select Series – 4K LED HDR Smart Roku TV - Making Continuous High Pitched Noise

My Roku 55 tv screen is blue with audio sounds how can I fix this issue I did reset tv but did not worked. 

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