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A really Smart Home, motion sensors compatible with Roku?

Are there smart sensors compatible with Roku? Last weekend, we were spitballing with friends what convenience we'd hope for from a truly "smart home". While watching fun on a Roku TV, we bring food out to the living room, both hands full. If there was a motion sensor in the kitchen, it would turn the lights of there. Somebody goes back in, to refill the drinks, the light should go back on. Likewise, the kids leave the lights on in their rooms, while they got stuck watching TV and forgot, or they ran out. Motion sensors or door sensors would take care of those "dumb light situations".
There a motion-sensing lights out there, but has anyone make them work with the Rooku system? It's a true untapped opportunity for Roku. We'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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Re: A really Smart Home, motion sensors compatible with Roku?


The easiest way for this is just a motion sensor switch (replaces your existing light switch).   Both Leviton and Lutron (manufacturers) make them.  Even have wifi (smart) switches that allow you to add companion switches without wiring. (this would require the free app usage.)

Both the above will work with and without smart bulbs (Roku light bulbs).

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Re: A really Smart Home, motion sensors compatible with Roku?

You could use the Rules in the app to have motion in a camera trigger the lights, but that is just a work around. I am hopeful that they will release some motion sensors in the next batch of smart home products.

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