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Reel Rookie

YouTube Tv not available as a channel after IT issues

After yesterday's issues with channels not loading, we were told to delete the channel, reboot, check for manual updates and then reload YouTube TV. Now YouTube TV is not available as an app to put back our four Roku sticks because of the dispute with Google. While I understand that new accounts shouldn't have access to YouTube TV on a new Roku, I feel that there should be some way we can have access to a channel that was there as of yesterday and we needed to delete because of an IT issue through Roku and Google. Not being able to load our streaming service back onto the device is not an option in a house with young children. Please advise of any workarounds for being able to get YouTube TV as a channel on the Roku. I'm not looking to go through YouTube and make three or four extra backdoor clicks in order to get our streaming service that was available before yesterday.

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Re: YouTube Tv not available as a channel after IT issues

You can get into YouTube tv via the YouTube app. Log in to your YouTube account and you’ll see the YouTube tv icon boy you left. It sucks to have to do that, I’m looking at other options. 

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Re: YouTube Tv not available as a channel after IT issues


I remember when the remote control for a TV was the person closest to it.  Even after changing to the channel, you then had to use another dial to "fine tune" the station just to get a picture.  

Having to enter the YouTube channel in order to click on the YouTubeTV app does not seem all that troublesome to me but I guess it is all in one's perspective.

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