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Roku screen pop up wont leave, help??

I have had a pop up on my TV screen with Roku for over a month now. It says TV + monitor and has 3 other things that say Movie, 2 HDMI, and 2ms. Last thing it says it's LED 5. i have no idea why it popped up, it just stays there and wont leave my screen. I've tried restarting my Roku and unplugging my tv, ive checked settings etc. Still nothing. Has anyone else had this issue?? It sucks because i can't wait foreign films because the pop up blocks the bottom of the screen and i can't read the subtitles. 

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Re: Roku screen pop up wont leave, help??

Could it be an issue with your TV set or monitor?  You’d also need to check if your Roku is powered by the TV’s USB port or the wall outlet.  If it’s powered through the wall outlet then it’s probably defective.  I’d suggest contacting Roku Customer’s Support here: https://support.roku.com/contactus.  If the Roku is still under warranty you could also return it to the store where you bought it from, for a replacement unit.  I’m going to have to tag @RokuKariza-D so that he can explain to you more in this situation.

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Re: Roku screen pop up wont leave, help??


Sounds like this may be a information banner from your TV, and not the Roku.  If you post the model number of your TV, may be able to find some info how to toggle this off.  Otherwise, I am sure a TV factory reset (not a Roku factory reset, but a TV factory reset under the TV Settings using the TV remote), will likely resolve the issue if this just started occuring. 

With the mention of an LED 5 and Movie, it seems to be showing the picture settings and that the Roku device is connected on HDMI 2 port.  (Indicative of a Sony TV perhaps).

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