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Roku makes my 10 year old flatscreen look WAY better

Before I got the Roku Stick, I was streaming everything on my PS4. The Roku stick noticeably makes my 1080p dated tv look so fresh and crisp, and I've actually put off buying a new tv now. When I go back to the PS4, everything looks so muddy and old and awful and I just can't go back. How is the Roku able to pull such a great image out of my tv? And why does the ps4 look so awful
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Re: Roku makes my 10 year old flatscreen look WAY better


There are some different settings for gaming consoles depending on whether they are being used on dedicated console/gaming monitors or whether used on televisions. (gaming modes).

If you are getting a washed out look with the ps4, try changing the RGB settings on the PS4 itself.  Normally, using PS4 on a television, this setting apparently should be set to Limited.  Others have found they need to switch it to Full. (Depends on the TV which is best).

Try messing with the various settings under Video Output Settings on the PS4. ( Home > Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > RGB Range)


I recently had to do this while setting up a family member's PS4 and simply toggling the RGB options solved issue. (https://www.howtogeek.com/295569/should-i-use-rgb-limited-or-rgb-full-on-my-playstation-or-xbox/).  Switching to Limited from Automatic cleared up and added color to the distorted pale picture.

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