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Channel Surfer

Re: Dispute terms resolution update

Yeah, holding peoples property hostages Isn’t a good idea they’re trying to get people to sign a contract  not to press a class action law.  suit. Maybe this will actually make it happen for a separate reason of which they’re trying to avoid Wouldn’t let me put the two words together because apparently it’s not permitted in this community I have never thought about it nor have I ever done it to anybody nor was I planning to

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Reel Rookie

Re: I don't agree to Dispute Resolution Terms update. TV now unusable. Now what, Roku?

No, You purchased the unit under the current agreement. You were enticed to purchase the unit under those conditions. Forcing a substantial change would require them to offer an alternative if you do not agree which would be the return of your return of your purchase and a refund of the purchase price. A class action suit may be required to get their attention on this point.

Streaming Star

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

>> they ask for serial numbers

They do not request a serial number. A serial number identifies both a specific product model and a specific product unit. I recommend against sharing any information, unless it is specifically requested. I will not be sharing any serial numbers in my letter.

Read the clause very carefully before sending the opt out letter! I guarantee they will use any excuse to weasel out of accepting your letter.

From the text, they request the "specific product models". This could be interpreted either as the specific model names or the specific model numbers. Since they are non-specific, in my letter, I intend to include the manufacturer name, the model name, and the model number. I will not include the serial number, which is something entirely different.

The relevant clause is below...

L. 30-Day Right to Opt Out. You have the right to opt out of arbitration by sending written notice of your decision to opt out to the following address by mail: General Counsel, Roku Inc., 1701 Junction Court, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95112 within 30 days of you first becoming subject to these Dispute Resolution Terms. Such notice must include the name of each person opting out and contact information for each such person, the specific product models, software, or services used that are at issue, the email address that you used to set up your Roku account (if you have one), and, if applicable, a copy of your purchase receipt. For clarity, opt-out notices submitted via any method other than mail (including email) will not be effective. If you send timely written notice containing the required information in accordance with this Section 1(L), then neither party will be required to arbitrate the Claims between them.



Class Action? Anyone Interested

Anyone else ticked off at these worthless POS? Changing the rules after we’ve bought the TV and then lock us out. I’m certain someone would be more than happy to take up this. I will check with someone and post web information. Thank you 


roku just shutdown my device

roku is implementing  a revised terms of service agreement.  If you don't agree to it, your device is rendered inoperative.  When I asked for my money back, since they made the device inoperative they refused.  How do you feel about this?

Channel Surfer

Roku Off the Deep End with new terms for resolution.

What happened to Roku ? I can no longer use my Roku TV because Roku software is totally messed up. You cant navigate your account without Roku running you around in circles. Im taking my Roku TV out for target practice and ending my association with Roku. The latest Terms of Resolution was the last straw.  Who do these people think we are Chinese where we do what we are told ?

Channel Surfer

Re: Update to Dispute Resolution. anyone seen this on their TV?

Roku seems to be on the way out.

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Channel Surfer

Re:Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Are you kidding ?? My Roku TV is now unusable because your software has gone rouge and you don't seen to understand that anything you suggest to fix the issues is just blowing smoke up our rears, and you know it. Now you have new terms for resolution asking us to agree not to sue you ??? I think Roku days are numbered.

Binge Watcher

Roku can take their coercive TOS and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Hey Roku executive.  I'm sorry your entitled pricks feel you deserve more from your clients.  But no, I'm going to take all my Rokus and dump them in the garbage.


What other **bleep** are you going to shove down our throats moving forward?  I don't know and I won't care because I'm out.


F you for bricking my device if I don't agree to your garbage privacy invading no fault, I pay your ass for arbitration B.S.


And I just bought one of your TV's.  Nice thank you for being a customer... and swift kick in the balls.

Streaming Star

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Outside of a mailing address what information do you expect Roku not to have access to when the device silently signs into their servers? Your credit card not withstanding if you provided one at sign up.

I prefer to believe Roku legal will deal in good faith. even though they've shown little to date.


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