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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra Audio Settings issue - no sound on non-ATMOS content


I have a Roku Ultra which I run through a Denon AVR-X3600h and another external amp to power a 7.2.4 system.  Until recently, my system played fine (Atmos content played on supported streaming services) with my audio settings on the Roku Ultra set to Auto.  The only bug I could tell is that my AVR always displayed "Atmos" on all content when I knew many shows, like the local news, were not in Atmos format through YouTubeTV.

However, about one week ago the sound stopped playing on all non-Atmos content.  For example, no sound on Good Morning America on YouTubeTV unless I switch audio settings on the Denon from Atmos to Multichannel Stereo.  Also, the only audio format options on the Denon were  \now Atmos, Multichannel stereo, and Stereo, instead of all the other usual DSP choices.  On HBO MAX, when I watched a show with Atmos content, the show would have volume on the main feature but not the non-supported content, like the "previously on" video which runs before the show started... unless I switched to Multichannel Stereo.  Very frustrating.

I then switched the Roku Audio settings from "Auto" to "Passthrough" and the sound and different DSP options returned on all content, although it is still a bit buggy and requires me to manually select an audio format on the Denon on occasion.  This never happened before last week with the Roku set to Auto.

Did something change on the Roku?



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