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Hello okku. I just purchased the 9.99 option to add the weather widget to the screensaver. You have many screensavers that I downloaded. People that purchased the premium should be granted the option to add the weather widget across all your screensavers. I have 5 of your screensavers. I shouldnt have to pay 50$ to enjoy your screensavers. Im stuck with just using one screensaver. Thanks

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I feel your pain, there are so many of these messages across this message board that I am quite frankly disgusted that the company is allowing this deceptive and greedy developer to continue on with this practice.

Basically ripping off Roku’s customers.
Nowhere does it say “you are only paying for one widget per screen saver” if we are paying for a lifetime “membership” and everything is coming from the same developer, then what is the big deal about allowing us to enjoy the widget every time we change our screensavers?


Thankfully, my payment method is allowing me to file a fraudulent claim and get my money back


Some people it may be too late to do something like this, but my payment method company has been very kind and helpful and the lady told me this is not the first phone call like this she has received about the Roku weather widget!


The minute I started talking she immediately knew what I was going to complain about! She says it’s a true problem


And we either get no response or a generic response from Roku themselves


Instead of changing the problem or working with a developer that will provide a better experience for us, they allow the same developer to continue to rip us off and give us shabby services


It’s really a shame that Roku does not respect the people putting money and it’s pocket


I got my Roku for Christmas 

and it looks like I’m canceling Roku 100% and I’m going back to fire stick.

At least when I purchase something with my fire stick, I know the full terms and conditions there is no ripping me off and ignoring hundreds of complaints about the same issue.



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Many of the screensavers available on Roku devices are provided by 3rd party developers, not Roku themselves. Your complaint, which I completely understand, is with the developer of the SS. They need to tie the purchase to the Roku user account, not a specific device. I think you'll find that most paid apps on a Roku are correctly tied to a user account. But there will still be some that decide they want it paid by device. That's their privilege, but I would also agree that it should be clearly stated in the information panel before paying for it.

I checked the channel store and that name doesn't come up. I'm assuming it's only available within the screensaver selection area, so I'll look deeper into it there. 

EDIT: If I found the correct one, the developer is OKKO, not OKKU. It appears the screensaver is called All In one, and it's in the channel store here. While it doesn't say anything about a per device use, it does state that additional charges may apply. I did a web search for OKKO, but could find nothing. 


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