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Re: No screensaver under media

@syammt wrote:

I’m having the same issue. Had anyone helped you figure out how to upload pics to use as a screensaver?

Roku devices don't have the storage space for saving pictures for use in a screensaver. Depending on the device, the newer devices have a little as 512 MB for operational memory and 256 MB for channel storage. The pictures would have to be stored in channel storage, and there's simply no room for your pictures in there. You may only have 5 MB or so of pictures, but Roku devices run out of channel storage space rather quickly, and taking any of that space for your pictures simply isn't feasible. 


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Re: No screensaver under media

I just saw that that is no longer an option myself. So for those of you who are confused, let me try to explain what we're talking about. So before the new update, in the "My Screensavers" in "Settings" there was a Screensaver option called "Mobile Screensaver" where you could select a bunch of personal photos on your phone to be displayed on the screen after a certain amount of time of no activity. So for some of you that might be the "Aquatic Life" screensaver. Hopefully that clears up the confusion. I hope they bring the "Mobile Screensaver" option back. I'm not very pleased.

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Re: No screensaver under media

I came home and realized my personal photos/Screensaver was not playing and replaced with a Roku Screensaver. I went to change it back and I also do not have the "mobile Screensaver option anymore,  either!? Why has this been removed?

"Roku ultra 4800"

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Re: No screensaver under media

Ditto.  Very disappointed.  On my 55-inch TCL TV, for a couple of years I had a dozen or so of the best photos of my dog, displayed as a screensaver slide show.  Suddenly a few weeks ago I realized I hadn’t seen them in a while, and then I figured out that they’ve disappeared off of the TV...and there’s no longer any option to create a screensaver from one’s own photos.  WTF, Roku?  Why take away a great feature?  Bring.It.Back.

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