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My Roku Wish - Customization

Good afternoon everybody,

I don't know if there is a feature request function on the Roku Site, but I'm going to put my request here.

I would REALLY like to see a feature where we can have an empty, custom channel or alternate list on the home screen where we can setup particular sub channels from other channel apps. For example, Peacock has it's Channels section where it lists NBC channels. It's how I can watch my local NBC channel live. PBS has my local PBS channel; I like the Sci Fi channel that is in Live TV.

It would be nice if the users were able to put these in 1 location. It would be a place where someone could easily switch between sub-channels like going thru a channel list.  This then becomes easier than switching from 1 Main Channel "sub-channel", going back to home screen, go to next Major Channel, navigate to that "sub channel", etc. In my mind it would improve the viewing experience which is really what all of us want.

NOTE: Of course, I wouldn't expect the like live tv experience, or cable/satellite tv, showing a full guide for each of these channels (Wouldn't that be cool though?!). However,

Thank you, and I know this ramble, but trying to paint a picture with words.

All the best,


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: My Roku Wish - Customization

Hi @mcalejon,

A warm welcome to the Roku Community!

That's a great idea! Thank you for the feedback. We'll send it over to the development team. Who knows, you may see your suggestion implemented in a future update. You can check out our blog for the latest news and upcoming updates.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or additional feedback.

Best regards,


Jecheal R.
Roku Community Moderator
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