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Reel Rookie

Re: How to get 4 columns back?

Well we had the 4 columns with the new update.. today the option is gone again?? 

Re: How to get 4 columns back?

So is 4 column supposed to be some extra paid feature?  It along with continue watching vanished from home screen today.

Roku Guru

Re: How to get 4 columns back?

The 4 columns have been an on-and-off test Roku was rolling out and removing from some users to gauge reaction. It has been mixed.

The Continue Watching was also thrown in without warning. They finally gave the ability to hide it late last year. I just checked, and it is no longer even an option to show. Only the recommendation row remains. Maybe it was being turned off by too many people to make the costs not worth it. They probably have to pay or at least have agreements with the various services to access that information.

Binge Watcher

Re: How to get 4 columns back?

Well I have had AND BEEN ENJOYING  the 4x4 Tiles Matrix on multiple Roku Ultras (varying models) 

for several months now, working and MUCH preferable on TV's both FHD 1080p 

and especially on UHD 4k 2160p screens.


The "loss" seems to have started occurring and/or being noticed about 14 hours ago...


AND the Settings Option to Set this is now also gone!

Roku OS Sw Version 12.5.5 Build 4174 on multiple Roku Ultra's - NO Sw Update Available !

hooked to Multiple TV's both FHD 1080p & UHD 4k 2160p

Reel Rookie

Re: How to get 4 columns back?

I came looking for an answer to get 4 columns back. I see others looking for the same, but no adequate reply from ROKU. Why would this not be an option for the users to choose?


Re: How to get 4 columns back?

My 4 columns came back today!!

I'm still on OS 12.5.5 build 4174...
But suddenly the option is back under:
Settings > Home screen > Tile size > Smaller

Made my day!! 3 columns on a 55" TV looks like a big-button senior phone! lol

I hope you get your 4 columns back, too! 🙂

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