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Reel Rookie

‘Display off’ no longer working

Hi, I’m having a problem with my Roku sharp tv that I can’t figure the problem out. Before this month, I could use the Roku tv remote app to use the voice command (my actual remote doesn’t have the button for it) so that I can turn the display off while Spotify is still playing. I never had any issues with it until now. The tv command thing will sometimes say it’s thinking with I do the command, but most of the time the circle pops up and the quickly disappears. It just turns the volume down a little instead of turning the display off. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve restarted my tv a few times and all of my apps and system is up to date (I’m trying to avoid attempting resetting my tv all together unless I need a last resort attempt). 

Community Streaming Expert

Re: ‘Display off’ no longer working


Can you turn off the display manually with the remote? (do not use Voice command).

Try pressing * button on remote (this should bring up TV Settings Menu), and look for "Picture Off" or similar language.


If the above works, then I think I would perform a System Restart on the RokuTV (Settings/System/Power/System Restart).  Not sure if you performed the System Restart when you mentioned you restarted the TV a few times. (some users just press the Power button mistakenly thinking that restarts TV.)  

If you did do the System Restarts, maybe try to close the mobile remote app, clear the app's cache under the phone's app settings, and restart the phone.

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Reel Rookie

Re: ‘Display off’ no longer working

My tv doesn’t have the setting to turn off the display through * which is why I downloaded the remote app for the voice command button. I did do a system restart multiple times and even reinstalled my Spotify (the Tv app) and my Roku remote app. I’ll try clearing the apps cache thing. Thank you for helping! 

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