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Reel Rookie

Difference model 3930X to model 3930EU

Hi all,

I ordered a model 3930EU and received a model 3930X. Does somebody know, what the difference is?

Ich habe ein  3930EU bestellt - geliefert wurde ein 3930X. Kennt jemand den Unterschied?

LG Pronto

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Roku Guru

Re: Difference model 3930X to model 3930EU

The hardware is identical. The EU means it is for the European market, whereas X is generic global. There may be slight differences in the firmware, but not sure if it will affect how it is used or what services can use it. Often, the only real difference may be which remote it comes with, and that may only be which services have hard keys on the remote. In the US, the "W" version (Walmart) would have a Vudu key since Walmart used to own them.

Roku Guru

Re: Difference model 3930X to model 3930EU

Suffix letter indicates which channels are preloaded and what channel buttons come on remote.

No other difference.  When you create online account be sure to select correct country (Germany?) to get right channelstore.

Not yet fully supported in all European countries, e.g. not Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, will get genetic channel store and therefore may not get OTA catchup channel apps or e.g. Disney.

Not a Roku employee
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