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Reel Rookie

Channels not updating with Software Update

For quite some time (since at least 2019) I have not been getting channel updates via Software Update in the Settings on any Roku device (can seriously click Check Now under Software Update, be told there's no new updates, then immediately go to a channel's Check for Updates and receive an update for the channel, and the same for many other channels in the same time), including two of the Roku Premiere (3920 series) , and one of the Roku Ultra (4800 series) .

It updates the OS version and build number, but I have to update each channel manually via the channel's options. Doing this for 53 channels on each of 3 devices regularly is a major pain.

Is there any way to fix this, or is there a patch that can be done to fix it for all that experience it?

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Re: Channels not updating with Software Update


Actually, I think the individual channel * button "Check for Updates" may have some bugs in the OS11.  

Every channel is reportedly updateable no matter how many times you press the button, but the version number of the channel never changes (in my experience).  Previous versions used to say "No Channel Updates available at this time."  Or, the function has merely been replaced to just run a Channel Update of all channels whenever selected and the end resulting message is just confusing/inaccurate. (Maybe the channel is "updated", because a user ran an "update check".)

I did notice this behavior start in OS11.  The message I see now when pressing the *button is "Updating Channels" (plural) and then the resulting message that a "particular" channel (whichever one is highlighted) has been updated.  Not sure if all the channels are being updated simulataneously or just the single channel.  

The manual System Update (Settings/System/System Update) still appears to be working correctly on my devices.  Additionally, this same channel update (System Update) will occur during the automatic daily update checks which may be why you are not seeing any channel updates available when performing this function. (Has already been performed automatically).


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Reel Rookie

Re: Channels not updating with Software Update

Actually, the channels only do the single update when I get them to update, never saying a 2nd time that an update is available for the same channel, and each is individual. This has been going on for me since at least 2019, though, as I said, not just within the latest version. For someone that's fingers already hurt from too much repeated movement over years prior to all this, it is rough to have to keep doing. I just finally reached out in this way, given Roku has been saying for quite some time that they should update with the main software update feature in the settings.

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