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Reel Rookie

Casting / mirroring from wired Windows 10 PC to Roku? Should it be this hard?

I spent too much time on this today!

I have been a fan of Roku because it 'natively' lets us mirror our iphones to the TV easily (vs. chromecast / amazon fire stick... right?)

But I put a video on my in-law's PC in 1 room,  Rather than have them watch it on the PC, I thought they could watch it on their roku and spent several hours today on my Win 10 PCs trying to mirror / cast to roku.

Their and my PCs are wired for ethernet.  

Seems 'miracast' is how the PC would be able to send to the roku.  But that's a wireless protocol? both devices need to be wireless?!

But then Microsoft came out with miracast over infrastructure to allow using miracast from wired Win 10 PCs?  but then Roku isn't using that?!

This is from over a year ago:  https://community.roku.com/t5/Network-Wireless-Wired-Connections/Miracast-Over-Infrastructure-using-...

So much for open standards!

Other than the Plex, is there an easy way to 1 off stream a video from a windows PC to roku?


Reel Rookie

Re: Casting / mirroring from wired Windows 10 PC to Roku? Should it be this hard?

So no one ever replied to this?  I have the same question/issue. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Casting / mirroring from wired Windows 10 PC to Roku? Should it be this hard?

Nope! No one answered : (

and it's been so long I forgot if I got it working or not.  It was a 1 time situation for us.

To be clear, I had problems with a wired windows PC to a wireless roku.

Is there a wireless card in the PC? Can you turn that on / put it on the same wifi network as the TV?


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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Casting / mirroring from wired Windows 10 PC to Roku? Should it be this hard?

Miracast on a Windows computer requires the computer to have a WiFi connection. If the computer only has an Ethernet connection, Miracast isn't available. I've never tried it with a laptop (that has a wired and wireless connection) when it was connected to Ethernet. Buy my desktop PCs that don't have a wireless adapter does not show any networked devices to mirror screen to.

No, the Roku does not have to be wireless. I could mirror to my Ultra 4800 with a wired connection without a problem. Only the laptop is required to have a wireless connection. And again, I don't know if a laptop that is connected to Ethernet can screen mirror. It's possible the Miracast protocol requires the computer to be on a wireless connection, but I simply don't know for certain.

I will add a note that I've never been able to screen mirror my Windows 11 laptop to my Roku. The Roku devices are all visible as a destination, but it never successfully connects. I can switch to a laptop with Windows 10 and it works fine. 


Roku Community Streaming Expert

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