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Another added Ads on home screen

Last night I started up one of my many Roku sticks and saw an "update" message flash on the screen. It seems my stick has been updated to your new OS 13 (unfortunately).

Now I see an ad on the bottom left of the home screen for the slutty, morally bankrupt, self-promoting Kardashians program on Hulu. I never says ads on the bottom left before OS 13.

I have youngsters that we are trying to teach good values and you put that trash ad on the Roku home screen!  And with just a push of a button it plays! What is wrong with you, Roku? Have you no decency or morals?

Are you so greedy with ad revenue that you will post any trash on your home screen? What's next? Soft porn, hard porn, or snuff films?

If you must cram ads down our throats on the home screen then why can't you put family oriented, child safe, non trash ads on the home screen? I respect the rights of anyone who loves the Kardashians and wants to watch them. But for those of us who find them and programs like that disgusting we don't want to have them crammed down our throats on the home screen. 

The Roku home screen should be neutral containing only family, child safe content.

Of course you give us customers no way to turn off these ads or at minimum block the currently displayed ad if a household doesn't allow that type of trash to be viewed by young children.

And don't say to go settings privacy and turn on the option to let advertisers spy on you so you can select the type of ads you don't want displayed. I tried that and the trash Kardashians ad still display on the bottom left.

Roku - get some common decency and stop pushing trash on your home screen or give us to the option to block it. If and when we want to watch such trash we can start up an app and select it from the app itself.

I'm assuming this post will deleted quickly by Roku but at least I've tried.


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Re: Another added Ads on home screen

You know what sucks? There was an option to do this via secret menu. Guess what? Not anymore. Not since this update? How do I know? Because A. The home screen ads I didn't have before are back. And B. The option to turn it off is gone. I'm less mad at the ads, and more mad that it makes SIMPLY SCROLLING ON THE HOME SCREEN UNBEARABLE! Please guys, revert this change.

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Re: Another added Ads on home screen

I never thought I'd say this. First the content of the ads doesn't bother me but, that's me. However, the amount of ads on the ROKU home screen is starting to annoy me a bit. I'm a ROKU user since 2009. For me the ROKU streaming players I have had over the years have given me very few problems. I good with ROKU steaming players. I'm starting to not be OK about the ads.

Roku Guru

Re: Another added Ads on home screen

"Are you so greedy with ad revenue that you will post any trash on your home screen?"


Yes.Yes they are.They are not the same company as they were years back and are ONLY caring about money and no longer to their original customers.

So I will be selling my Roku Ultra when I move at the end of this summer as I too have reached my breaking point.They seem to think they can do whatever they want whenever they want to my Roku which I have already paid for.ITS MINE.

And it is now a constant battle of finding if and how to remove ongoing stuff from my home screen that they continue to place there.I don't go into their house and put stuff on their walls they didn't ask for or go into their car and change their steering wheel placement or seat height.

They only listen to dollar signs so until and if enough of us make our point by leaving Roku it'll continue.I have better things to do with my life than clicking around fuming attempting to remove Kardashian garbage from my screen.

Binge Watcher

Re: Another added Ads on home screen

86% of their profits come from ad related sales and just 14% comes from sale of hardware. They are selling the screen that we bought and paid for to the highest bidder. Let's see if they delete, ban and block me here like they did on Reddit.  😕

Re: Another added Ads on home screen

I just noticed this today... and i can pretty much say.. they have lost another user... factory resetted my device, wiping all info. and deleting my account... switching back to chromecast.. good day roku... see you.. NEVER

Binge Watcher

Re: Another added Ads on home screen

Yup ... I spent last evening setting up my new Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus Android TV Box, $149 from Amazon. Added a custom launcher called "Projectivy", $7 for lifetime use. No ads, ANYWHERE. It has 4gb ram and 32gb rom. My old Roku Ultra 4660 had just 1gb ram and 512mb rom. The comparison is like a VW Beetle to a Dodge  Viper. WOW!  🙂

Reel Rookie

Re: Another added Ads on home screen

Yes I am sick and tired of these degenerate ads all over my homescreen.  Disney/hulu everywhere and every Saturday all day they won’t even change the ads.  I don’t want to see Kardashians live on ads when I won’t even watch them on tv.  Now all of Disney disgusting content is being pushed on us all.  There are days where I completely unplug my Roku.  Thankfully I have a different smart tv.  What good is a Roku when you can’t even watch it?!  I am looking into Apple TV.  I have had Roku since the first one came out, so they are killing their long time customers by this.  

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