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Level 7

video conferencing on Roku TV's

Is there anything close to "Google Duo" available for Roku? We have 4 Roku Ultras & TCL TV. We want to be able to set up video conferencing the New TCL Google TV's can do it.

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Level 14

Re: video conferencing on Roku TV's

No there is not any built in videoconferencing or add on software/hardware from Roku.

Best option is to get a small cheap computer/tablet (maybe 2nd hand) and attach to TV using HDMI cable. Need to buy peripherals like external webcam, maybe mike and speaker puck, and wireless mini keyboard trackpad, and then install Facebook, teams, google chat meet duo, zoom etc.  Should be possible to mount computer on back of TV with brackets, zip ties etc.

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Re: video conferencing on Roku TV's

How do you turn it on

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