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Re: Nintendo switch won’t display or play audio please help

I have also been wanting to play Just Dance. My issue is my switch won't connect to my new living room tv but it will connect to my onn. roku in my bedroom. It will also connect to other televisions but for some reason not the specific roku in the living room.

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Re: Help! Nintendo switch won’t display or play audio

Am having a comparable issue. We have a TCL Roku TV and have efficaciously linked and displayed our Nintendo Switch to the television for over a year and a half for mac. A few weeks ago it stopped operating. I most effective get the Looking for a Signal message.

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Re: Trouble connecting Nintendo Switch to Roku TV - No Signal

tried your idea still did not work

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Re: Help! Nintendo switch won’t display or play audio

@kattherascal @yaet27

Thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? How are you connecting the gaming device to your Roku TV? Have you tried switching the cable used to connect the device as well as using another HDMI port on the TV?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: Nintendo switch won’t display or play audio please help

Follow-up: I resolved this issue by replacing the cheap plastic console "cradle" that connects the Switch to the television. It turns out that this is a common problem because they are very cheaply made and easily break. I bought a refurbished model and haven't had any problems since. However, it is too bad that I had to shell out another $35-40 for another plastic piece of **bleep** after shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new Switch.

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