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The lack of any .2 or more option is a total dealbreaker

Going through the settings on the new tv, found the audio section and tried to Bluetooth my existing audio. Following the link I discovered Roku brand audio, and the short version is - I was going to buy a 5.2 setup but I’m not ordering anything - 



I considered 7.2 but thought to double check a few things before making the purchase. I’m surprised to discover .2 or more isn’t even an option?

I admit I have no experience the development of televisions, audio hardware, wireless technology or anything else involved; but as an end user or even just a casual observer, i wonder “how hard is it to add the lines of code or soldering a second antenna or whatever it is they do,  doing it a second time in order to sell subwoofers or subwoofer pros?” 

I understand that the reality of implementing the option is more complicated than that statement. regardless that is my first thought.

I was going to make a purchase, now I’m not. Trying to find whether or not I could use multiple subwoofer pros lead me to the forums where I see several other people asking the same thing.

Clearly there are a bunch of subwoofers that could be sold, but sit unsold on warehouse racks because the option to use more than one at a time doesn’t exist.  

there is no adapter to purchase, no type of product available to give you the option(s), no premium tier sound bar that has the built in option, you simply cannot do it. People want to spend the money but are told they can’t  

I suppose there are third-party options available that allow you to split a wireless subwoofer signal into two or more speakers. however, without checking the compatibility, I already to know that it’s beyond what I was willing to invest in all this. I’ll just stick with the hdmi arc passing thru sound before screen and assume that Roku will one day implement the .2 option.


or maybe they don’t. Whatever they do, I won’t be waiting to find out. Instead of spending time checking into the problem, I’ll just go with a dif solution that’s already available. 

It’s safe to assume that I’m not the average customer though. Reason would dictate that Roku has done the math and had meetings where this topic was brought up, discussed, weighed and the decisions that were made were based on logic. So I guess I’ll just see myself out and spend that money elsewhere as intended 




Oh well. 


Re: The lack of any .2 or more option is a total dealbreaker

I am still waiting for this update, or a new soundbar compatible for dual subs. 

I must admit, I have the soundbar pro, 4 channel speakers and the subwoofer. To complement Roku, it is a **bleep** good set up, especially for the price. The sound is superb. 

But I NEED  a second subwoofer to make it feel like an imax-at-home experience. If they dont get on this fast, I WILL purchase other brands that offer it.

Its a shame they are willing to put an effort for great quality, but keep themselves from being a true force to be reckoned with a simple addition.

I hope they move fast, before i have the money saved for the other setup and lose me for good.

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