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TV shutting down to launch an annoying ad

So my TV just recently decided to shut down whatever app I am using and it takes me to a QR code, telling me to scan it to enable “Remote and Ad-blocker…” I have no idea why it keeps doing this and it keeps interrupting me whenever I try to load an app. I watch a video on YouTube, then the TV cuts to purple saying “Play on Roku” then goes to this ad. I do not want this. I had no problem before and now it won’t leave me alone!!

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Re: TV shutting down to launch an annoying ad


Sounds like someone (maybe innocently), is trying to mirror or cast to your Roku.  Could be someone on your network (your home) or if you are using a shared network (motel/dorm etc).

If you have any little ones running around, they could also be using a mobile casting/mirroring app to do this.

Perhaps take a screenshot when this occurs next time and maybe can provide more info/help.

If none of the above applies, try resetting your Theme and Screensavers back to the Roku default ones in case an ad-supported screensaver is causing this issue.  (Settings..Theme) and then just choose a default Roku Theme and a Default Wallpaper like the Aquarium or Clock.

To disable the ability to Screen Mirror, navigate to Settings..System..Screen Mirroring..Screen Mirroring Mode..Never Allow (or at least, Prompt)

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