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TV/remote control freezes when playing Dolby Atmos content through soundbar

Hello! My TV is a JVC (I know) LT-55MAW804 that I have used daily since May of 2022. This TV has been connected to an older Yamaha ATS-1070 soundbar using eARC/CEC with no issues. I recently tried to upgrade the soundbar to one that supports Dolby Atmos - a Denon DHT-S217.

If I connect the Denon soundbar using the exact same HDMI cables & ports as the Yamaha soundbar my TV remote will freeze if I attempt to watch anything with Dolby Atmos (ie: a Ultra-BluRay disc or streaming from a service such as Paramount+). The only way I can control my TV again is to kill power to the TV from my surge protector. The freezing situation does not happen when I use my old Yamaha soundbar that does not support Dolby Atmos (just Dolby DTS).

At first I thought it was the soundbar however I have my 7 year old Philips TV still in the house and if I put that back on the stand and try both the old and new soundbars everything works as it should. 

I have checked the TV's Roku software for any updates and it is up to date as of this morning. I sent JVC an email asking for help but have yet to hear back.

Is anyone else seeing similar freezing of the remote/TV in a situation like this? Thank you!

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