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TCL Roku TV Randomly Restarts

TCL: Model 43S435

Hardware ID: C134X

Software Version: 12.0.0 - build 4182-93

I recently restarted my TV using the menu under Settings, System, Power, System Restart. Ever since then, the TV randomly restarts. In the past, my TV got stuck in a boot loop and I unplugged the TV for 10 minutes (as was suggested online) and plugged it back in and it stopped. I tried this now and it hasn't helped.

I've ruled out my Apple TV and other devices as I have unplugged them all and it still does it. I even factory reset it via the menu (not the reset button) and did not set it up the wifi and just watched Antenna TV for a while and it still did it.

Using the secret temperature menu, (Press Home 5 times, then FF, Play/Pause, REW, Play/Pause, FF) I've seen the temp as high as 83 C (181.4 F). It's currently at 72 C (161.6 F). Does anyone know what the normal operating temperature is for this model TV? Is it possible that it is restarting when it hits a certain high temperature? I've had the TV Since January 2021. Is it possible that dust build up on the processor is insulating the heat and causing it to overheat? As for the TV's location, it isn't near anything hot and does not receive direct sunlight from a window so it isn't that. 

Or is this just a software problem? Perhaps Roku OS 12 is running the processor hotter than Roku OS 11 was? But if so, why did it only start happening AFTER I performed a hard restart from the menu? It had updated to OS 12 a few months earlier and this wasn't a problem at all until I did that.

If anyone has the same problem, please respond and include the TCL Model, Hardware ID, and Software Version like I did which can be located in Settings, System, About. Maybe if it's a widespread problem, maybe we can get Roku's attention to look into this problem more.


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Re: TCL Roku TV Randomly Restarts

Exact same issue on my 32S327 but Ali g with the random restarts the TV is slow to respond to remote commands. Last TLC I buy….

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Reel Rookie

Re: TCL Roku TV Randomly Restarts

I have had the same issue. The TV randomly reboots without any apparent cause. After it reboots it is reset just like it came from the store. I have to go back through and register again and redo ALL of my streaming service accounts, rescan for OTA TV channels, etc. I wrote to TCL and they said my TV was a month out of warranty and they blame it on ROKU, ROKU says its TCL.

I have read numerous reports of this different places on the internet, so it is obviously an issue with the the series of TVs from TCL and their implementation of ROKU and they need to fix it.

This will be the last TCL TV I will ever buy!

Anyone interested in a class action suit, let me know!

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