Streambar audio static left speaker

This is second request on this issue. First was chat with support who told me 3 times to change the batteries in my remote for sound static issue. The 3rd time i went to get the new batteries and gone maybe 3 minutes at which point he terminated the chat due to length on down time.


Serial # yl002f254420

The static issue is only resolved by using ear buds. The streambar vibration sounds are out of right side facing streambar.


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Re: Streambar audio static left speaker

Hi @Nmb2,

Thanks for the post!

Thank you for informing us of the issue you are experiencing. We appreciate your concern and would like to investigate it further. To better understand the problem, please provide us with more details. Can you elaborate on the steps that led to this behavior? Is this happening in a specific channel? Additionally, could you provide a video clip of the issue you see on the TV?

Please keep us posted!



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Re: Streambar audio static left speaker

I have a similar issue.  My 9102R Streambar just developed the dreaded static issue.  This is the 2nd one I have owned and both have experienced the same issue.  The first one I purchased had the static (sounds like blown speaker) issue out of the box.  Roku replaced it and now the replacement has started doing it out of the blue.  I have tried power-cycling as well as other sources and HDMI cables.  Streambar software is up to date.  I have researched this issue and it is ALL OVER the Roku community forums.  Is there going to be a recall or any recourse for this issue?  

Serial Number: YL0001196108

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