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Roku wireless speakers consistently losing connection with Roku TV

My Bluetooth Roku speakers lost their connection to my Roku TV apparently, randomly.

After reading the forums, making sure my TV firmware is up to date (it is), removing the speakers from the Roku TV devices, resetting the speakers, rebooting the TV, re-pairing the speakers, resetting them again (the re-pairing did not work initially), then re-pairing the speakers (multiple times), they eventually worked. Then, the next day, the speakers were no longer paired (urg….hours wasted to get it to work, then it failed again at the next time I turned on the TV).

Can I send them back in for a replacement or is there any remote tech support offered? I'd rather not spend another 4 hours doing all of the same troubleshooting steps required to have them work if they are going to lose their connectivity immediately after turning off the TV.


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Community Manager

Re: Roku wireless speakers consistently losing connection with Roku TV

@Plabel Thanks for reaching out. I'd like to gather a few more details to try and better understand your setup and the issue you're running into. 

- Do you have Fast TV start enabled in Settings>System>Power? If not, turn this on. Does the issue persist? 

- When you say the speakers are no longer paired when you power your TV back on, do they no longer appear in Settings>Remotes and devices on your TV, or are they just not connected to the TV? If they are still paired, but not connected, you should still see two entries in 'Remotes and devices' for Speaker (L) and Speaker (R).

- Is your Roku TV connected to your wireless network or an ethernet connection for internet? 

- Is your wireless router broadcasting on the 2.4 or 5GHz network? If 2.4GHz, have you tried changing your settings to enable 5GHz and see if this resolves the issue? 

- Have you tried changing the wireless broadcast channel on your wireless network? Sometimes interference can cause issues maintaining connections. Changing the wireless broadcast channel, to one not in use by other networks around you, can often help improve this type of issue. Your ISP or router manufacturer can help assist with making these changes.


Please keep us posted from there and we'll continue assisting you. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: Bluetooth speakers cutting in and out

@RokuDanny-R  I’m having a similar issue. My Roku speakers drop out for less than a second several times a minute. It’s particularly noticeable when playing Switch, or during scenes with music in other roku apps like prime video. 

my tv is connected with Ethernet. 

any suggestions?



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