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Roku connected to OTA Antenna not receiving duplicate channels

Hi all,


I have a TCL television with Roku built-in. I have it connected to my outdoor OTA antenna to pick up local channels.

I live in a mountainous area, so our broadcast towers have repeaters everywhere.

The issue I'm having is that one particular station broadcasts on two separate repeaters with two separate physical channels. (They do this to improve signal coverage.)

Since these are two different repeaters, one is on UHF Channel 34 and the other on UHF Channel 32.

However, their virtual channels overlap on 13.1 through 13.5. Channel 34 has additional subchannels.

The TCL is able to pick up both Channel 34 and Channel 32 UHF physical channels, but it seems the TV is getting confused with the overlap, and only giving me Channel 32's channels that overlap. This results in horrible signal strength since Channel 32's antenna is much farther away from my house. 

I have verified I can get Channel 34 using the Tuner Secret Menu on the Roku, accessible via the shortcut: "Home Home Home Home Up Right Down Up Left Right". The secret menu shows much better signal strength on Channel 34's channels which don't overlap.


My other TV, from a different brand and connected to the same antenna, simply shows the duplicate virtual channels and allows me to turn off the lesser signal channels I don't want. I want to be able to do this on my Roku, but it seems to be automatically hiding the higher signal strength channels because they overlap in virtual channel numbers.


Does anyone know how to get around this? Thanks in advance.

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