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Roku Wireless SPeakers and Dolby Atmos with Netflix

I have the Roku Wireless speakers; some Netflix shows will begin and it will display on my TV Screen 'Dolby-Vision' then display 'DolbyAtmos' if the Netflix title is in Dolby-Vision and DolbyAtmos.

But now only 'Dolby-Vision' displays not the DolbyAtmos display once the title starts playing.  What happened?

Would an output setting change on my TV be responsible like Auto or Stereo or Pass-through?

How do I get the 'DolbyAtmos' back while watching a DolbyAtmos title via Netflix?

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Re: Roku Wireless SPeakers and Dolby Atmos with Netflix

Hi @44

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We understand that you're having issues with Dolby Atmos on your TV screen. Let's work on it.

We'd like to know what Roku device you are using right now. Commonly with some Roku streaming players, you can stream 4K Dolby Vision with a compatible TV and streaming channels. However, you may not be able to view Dolby Vision content at 4K resolution if your Dolby Vision-capable TV was manufactured prior to 2018. These models, and a few manufactured in later years, only support 4K Dolby Vision at lower frame rates like 30 frames per second (or 30fps). Unfortunately, some streaming channels, such as Netflix, will not play 4K Dolby Vision when the TV does not support higher frame rates like 60fps.

We do have a support article to check your Dolby vision, check this out: Why is 4K Dolby Vision not working on my Roku streaming player?

Keep us posted for further assistance.


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