Roku & Projector Input Stabilising

I have a Roku 4k and an Optoma 4k Projector and im trying to find a way to stop the output / input from resetting at each change of video.

To clarify, every time the video changes, the projector has to re-search for the input and change to the desired resolution (usually the same as it was before), it works of course but its annoying because the screen goes black, and the input channel comes up in the corner and colour flickers while it re-syncs.

This is not an issue with BBC or Netflix as there aren't adverts but for ITV, CH4 & CH5 it happens at the start of every segment of show and at every advert.

I'm not sure what exactly the software is doing at the end of each clip and why it needs to cut the output temporarily and restart it again but it sure is annoying!

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