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Roku TV not showing up in AirPlay

Hello! Two of my Roku TVs show up in AirPlay and screenshare without any issues. My third Roku TV does not. I have been researching and trying different ”fixes” for the last month, but there is still no resolution. Would appreciate any help, thank you!

Model number: 5316x
Software version:

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Re: Roku TV not showing up in AirPlay

Hello 🙂 Maybe it’s a software problem. 

Try to factory reset your TV and at the setup give your tv a different name so it will be more easy for the AirPlay system to be discover. 

After that if it’s not working check your network. Maybe the tv is trying to use the same IP adresse as one of your two others tv’s. 

Sorry for my bad English 😞 I hope that will works for you.

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Re: Roku TV not showing up in AirPlay

There is no resolution. Support knows about the issue (it's been reported by about 20 people and provided extensive details)


10.5 broke Airplay and HomeKit on Roku TVs. Going on 7 weeks without a resolution or status update.