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Roku TV crashed, turned off, and is now unresponsive

So my Roku TV out of the blue crashed it would seem, and now will no longer turn on.

It was working fine before hand, I had just stopped watching a show on Disney+, and then went to watch a different show on Crunchyroll. Before I played the show I left the room to grab a snack, and when I returned the screen was black and the tv was unresponsive. I was out of the room, so I do not know what actually happened, but I assume the tv crashed in some way. Also, I have ruled out that the outlet had anything to do with the tv crashing, as the other devices I have plugged into the same outlet work fine, (The exact same outlet, I am using an outlet adapter with multiple additional outlets to connect all devices).

Sometimes after fully unplugging the tv and replugging it back in, and trying to turn the tv on, it will quickly flash the screen of the tv, but then remain off. Also, the red light for the receiver seems to flash on and off as though the tv is trying to do something.

I have tried unplugging the tv, as said before, and I have tried factory resetting the tv using the reset button on the back, but all of this has resulted with no visual effects. Any help would be much appreciated, I tried using the customer support on the website, but I cannot choose between "chatting" (text I would assume) and a phone call, instead I just cannot click on either option; it is 12 am where I am right now, so I am going to try again in the morning.

This is all I can think to add. If you have any idea what might have caused this issue and how to solve it, please help. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Roku TV crashed, turned off, and is now unresponsive

It sounds like something within the TV has failed.  You should try contacting the manufacturer (TCL, Sharp, Hisense, etc.).

Where to get support for your Roku TV™ | Official Roku Support

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