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Reel Rookie

Roku TV can no longer find my home Network

I have a Hisense Roku TV: R43B7120UK

my Device can no longer find my home network (Virgin Media) after last night. All other devices in my house are able to find and connect to it. I tried using a mobile hotspot and it wasn’t able to find that either. 

So far I have tried the resetting network settings and then factory reset tv. Checking my router doesn’t have max address filtering. Checking channel etc on router but have had no luck. It is able to find my neighbours BT router but not my Virgin one inside house. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku TV can no longer find my home Network

If your TV sees your neighbor's network, that's a good sign.  Keep in mind that Roku devices only support 2.4GHz channels 1 to 11 and non-DFS 5GHz channels (on dual-band models) 32 to 48 or 149 to 161.  Try configuring your hotspot for one of those channels.  If your router is using "Auto" for its channel you'll probably want to change that to a fixed channel.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku TV can no longer find my home Network

Thanks for your reply. I have changed my network channel to 1 and it is now visible. I tried other channels and it was not visible. However, my tv cannot connect to it, I have made sure I have entered the password correctly and restarted router and tv after changing the channel.

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Re: Roku TV can no longer find my home Network

Hi @James1012

If your Roku TV is no longer able to find your home network, here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check your Wi-Fi network: Make sure that your Wi-Fi network is up and running. You can check this by connecting another device, such as a laptop or smartphone, to your Wi-Fi network to see if it's working.
  • Restart your Roku TV: Try restarting your Roku TV and we suggest starting there. In some cases, removing the affected channel and then re-installing it may help. Restart your device before re-adding the channel back in to ensure the process is successful. We recommend doing this through the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > Power (If there is no Power submenu, proceed to the next step.) > System restart.
  • Move your Roku TV closer to your Wi-Fi router: If your Roku TV is located far away from your Wi-Fi router, it may be having trouble picking up the signal. Try moving your Roku TV closer to your Wi-Fi router to see if that helps.
  • Reset your network connection: Go to "Settings" on your Roku TV and select "Network". From there, select "Set up connection" and then select "Wireless". Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your network connection.
  • Update your Roku TV: Make sure that your Roku TV is running the latest software by going to "Settings" and select "System" > "System update" > "Check now". If there is an update available, download and install it.

We hope it helps!

Warm regards,

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