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Reel Rookie

Roku TV Plus (75R6A5R) and Roku wireless speakers, sound goes out or breaks

I have the new Roku made Plus TV (75R6A5R) and having issues with sound when using the Roku made wireless speakers and subwoofer. Every 30 seconds or so randomly the sound goes off for about 1/2 second. It's not consistent but I would say it happens 5-10 times every few minutes. I have a pair of Roku wireless speakers and I have the wireless Roku soundbar, and both of them have the same problem. And both of those speakers work just fine when hooked up to other Roku TVs in my house. The problem happens using Roku native apps like Live TV and other apps like YoutubeTV, Netflix, etc. It also happens when using HDMI devices like Chromecast. The only thing that works is just using sound from the TV directly without any speakers. 

I'm on Version 12.0.0 Build 4181. 

I've tried restarting the TV of course, unplugging everything (TV and Speakers). Just not any settings to mess around with. 

I'm thinking it's just a buggy TV since it's so new from Roku. 

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Re: Roku TV Plus (75R6A5R) and Roku wireless speakers, sound goes out or breaks

Greetings @adamstribe 

Welcome to the Roku Community and thanks for posting regarding the issue you are experiencing with your new Roku branded TV and existing Roku audio products.

Please be aware that I have passed along your concerns and information to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further. Once more information is available, I'll be sure to update this Community thread.

Your patience and understanding in the meantime is much appreciated.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku TV Plus (75R6A5R) and Roku wireless speakers, sound goes out or breaks

No solution yet - Roku advanced tech support has been helping for a couple of weeks now but no resolution. Is anyone else able to connect to the Roku wireless speakers successfully with this new Roku made TV?  Not whether to try a replacement or switch to a tried and true TV like TCL (my old which worked fine with these speakers).

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